God Gets the Last Word: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Episode 3 September 21, 2022 01:12:13
God Gets the Last Word: The Sufficiency of Scripture
Who Let the Dogma Out?
God Gets the Last Word: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Sep 21 2022 | 01:12:13


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Jack Wilkie Daniel Mayfield

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Influences like Critical Race Theory, gender studies,the world of psychotherapy, and countless other voices in our culture want to have say over how we think and act.

It's common for Christians compartmentalize the Lordship of Christ to only the spiritual parts of their lives, leading them to seek out such worldly influences in all other matters.

We must regain our belief in the sufficiency of scripture. God has not left us in the dark, nor has He told us we are free to choose for ourselves. He has given us His Word, and we must shape every part of our lives around its teachings.

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