Flawless and Faithful: On Inerrancy

Episode 2 September 14, 2022 01:02:01
Flawless and Faithful: On Inerrancy
Who Let the Dogma Out?
Flawless and Faithful: On Inerrancy

Sep 14 2022 | 01:02:01


Hosted By

Jack Wilkie Daniel Mayfield

Show Notes

The Bible is not a book riddled with errors. It's God's fully-inspired Word.

Many Christians are willing to compromise on this position, though. Is it really a big deal if the Bible is mostly right with a few flaws? Yes, actually.

In this episode we discuss why inerrancy is a key pillar on which the entire faith stands.

Topics include:

- Why we can't concede Genesis as myth

- The idea of Jesus and Paul's disagreement

- How even the most conservative Christians often treat the Bible as contradictory

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