"Red Letter Christianity" isn't True Christianity

Episode 12 December 07, 2022 01:04:13
"Red Letter Christianity" isn't True Christianity
Who Let the Dogma Out?
"Red Letter Christianity" isn't True Christianity

Dec 07 2022 | 01:04:13


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Jack Wilkie Daniel Mayfield

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There's been a growing trend in recent years to pit the words and works of Jesus in the 4 Gospels against the rest of the Bible. 

"Jesus never said anything about homosexuality."

"Paul said women can't teach, not Jesus."

"God may have condoned violence or strong words in the New Testament, but Jesus calls us to a different standard."

This belief brings with it an insistence that doctrine matters little and the only real push of Christianity is to "be a nice person." We discuss all the doctrinal error this exposes us to and how the church can guard against this insidious heresy. 

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